Fort Causeway Livestock Guardian Dogs and Pyrenees Newfoundland Puppies

LGDs at Work

Ok you got us. There may be a small chance that we have chosen to sustainably farm just in order to co-inhabit a property with these big fluffy tough dogs. But honestly, they have an intregral role to fill on the farm. The Great Pyrenees breed of dogs have been utilized for generations as livestock guardian dogs. They bond with their surrounding land and animals, and by instinct learn to protect.

Predators are one of the most common causes of sheep fatalities, especially for grazing based farms. At Fort Causeway, we use Great Pyrenees as Livestock Guardians (or LGDs). We have found the Pyrenees to be loyal and dependable working dogs with the intelligence to know when to be tough and when to be gentle.

Since we have a smaller farm, our Pyrenees function best in teams, with some doing perimeter control, which is largely preventative in nature, and some staying full time with the herd. The patrolers protect the perimeter of the property, marking their territory and keeping our main predators from coming too close. Many also patrol the skies and will chase off hawks from below.

The herd guardians love their sheep and do not like to be parted from the group. They never bring stress or harm to the sheep. They blend in with the herd and their presence is accepted and almost ignored, except for the cutest of rituals when a dog welcomes a new lamb with a light nose-to-nose touch!

Breeding Information for Pyrenees Newfoundland Puppies

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Finding a good farm/ranch dog can be tough, but a good farm dog is priceless for a farm or ranch operation. We also understand that smaller farms or acreages are often looking for a good dog too. One of the reasons we mix breeds is for hybrid vigor. We also like to combine characterisitics of different breeds for the small farms or acreages to try to get the best dogs for these homes and farms.

After 5 years of breeding the Newfoundland Pyrenees cross, we have gotten feedback on many levels of their adaptability, protective instinct, trainability, and overall ability to work their way into their owner's hearts. We can highly recommend this cross for companion dogs, outdoor adventure protectors, livestock protection on smaller acreages, water companions and even service dogs.

We do not recommend the cross for hard core LGD needs such as high predator pressure or large grazing operations. Best to go with one of the standard LGD breeds for these needs such as the Pyrenees, Maremma, Anatolian, Akbash and many others.

Below are links to galleries of past litters. We are currently only breeding the B/W Newfoundland Pyrenees cross pups. Our training page explains more about how we get these pups started off right, and gives training tips for new owners.