Fort Causeway

About Fort Causeway

In June of 2007, our family first moved to Wyoming and began to build what is now know as Fort Causeway. The farm located in Bighorn County, WY in the north central part of the state, near the Bighorn Mountains and the Pryor Mountain Wild Mustang Herd.

Farm Address: 606 US Highway 14A East Lovell, WY 82431

Map and Directions

Our area has historically been an agricultural high mountain valley since the first canals were dug from the Shoshone River to bring water to our otherwise dry ground. We farm 80 irrigated acres using a sustainable management intensive grazing program to increase stocking rates and make the most of the land we've been given to care for.

Fort Causeway is owned and operated by the Schilthuis Family, consisting of Kevin and Keri and their 4 children. We believe very much in bringing back the small family farm and operate ours as such. Our children, though they do complain about chores from time to time, frequently tell us that they couldn't imagine living anywhere else!

Both our daily and long-term farming goals are driven by our faith in God and His son Jesus, and our desire to do our best with what we've been given for God's glory, the good of our beautiful earth and the good of our local communities. We also strive to teach our children to live in a similar manner. We became concerned when faced with many issues regarding the big ag growing and production of our food here in America and also how that affects other countries around the world. We feel that operating our small, sustainable, organic farm is one step towards making good changes in our country's food production and we are proud to join many others who are taking similar strides for the future.

Fort Causeway is currently 'subsidized' by our construction company, Blue 80 Construction Company. After many years of work on fields and fencing, practices and protocols, Fort Causeway is becoming a profitable small farm able to stand on its own. But large capital improvement or equipment costs still arise, and we work hard to pay those costs on our own. We have not taken any government help in the form of the numerous programs available for too many reasons to describe here. If, however, you are interested in supporting our efforts, there is a place below to donate to our farm through PayPal. We are not a 501c3 Non-Profit, so donations are not tax deductible, but they are very much appreciated and always used repsonsibly. We try to keep an updated list below of current projects that we are saving money for or working on. We also appreciate our customers who support our effort by buying our product!

Current Projects

Donations to our farm are only asked from those who wish to contribute to small family farming in America. Below is a list of current projects/needs for our farm. We are NOT a recognized Non-Profit, so donations are NOT tax deductible. We pledge to use all donations for farm purposes only and to use them responsibly. Donations are made through PayPal's secure website and will show up through our parent company of Blue 80 Construction Company. Credit Cards can be used. Thank you in advance for your consideration!