Sheep and Lambs

Local Farm Sales

We do sell lamb and pork packaged or live from our farm. We are located about 6 miles east of Lovell, WY right off U.S. Highway 14A East. We are on the route to Yellowstone National Park heading west, or Rapid City/Sturgis, SD heading east. We welcome drop-in visitors or customers to our farm to pick up product anytime, but it is best to give us a quick call to make sure we are around and have the product in stock that you are looking for!

This is a good option for those wanting to take care of their own sheep processing, those who live nearby and don't mind a drive out to the farm to pick up meat or those driving by on their way home from vacation who would like to take some yummy lamb home with them.

We have contracted with customers previously to raise other livestock such as pastured, free-range chickens, pastured pork and beef. A minimum order quantity and down payment would apply. Please contact us if interested.

Breeding Stock

We sell breeding stock from time to time from our current lamb crop. We will have ewe lambs available starting fall of 2019. Quantities will be limited, so please contact us early if interested. We can also raise a ram for interested parties, but again, need early contact as we typically band ram lambs in their first week of age. For 2019, it is best to contact us for availability.

Local Contact Information

Since our sheep are of the hair sheep variety, Katahdins and Dorpers, they do not produce wool or require shearing, which allows energy to be transferred into meat and milk quality instead of wool production. Their genetics have also been shaped for milder meat flavor and is very delicious. Hair sheep are known for their ease of lambing, and for their natural resistance to parasites, which make the ewes an excellent and low maintenance addition to a farm or homestead.

To purchase lamb, please contact us.