Fort Causeway Farm

Organic Lamb

Our lambs are all born, raised and finished on our farm in northern Wyoming. Our product is processed within 2 hours from our farm, which minimizes transport time for live animals. Our product is fully raised and produced within the U.S.A.

Pasture Management

We put more into our pastures so more nutrition goes into our lamb. Read more about our Management Intensive Grazing strategy here.

Livestock Guard Dogs and Puppies

Our farm could not operate without the help of Livestock Guardian Dogs. We also occasionally sell puppies bred from our Great Pyrenees. See our LGD page for more information about either.

Regenerative Agriculture

We enjoy sharing our knowledge and offer pasture upgrading or remediation services as part of our own Management Intensive Grazing program. If you have troublesome pastures, or land you would like to upgrade for hay ground, crop ground or livestock, please see our services page.

Farm Stays and Tours

We open our farm to visitors and invite you to come and be part of our adventure. Please see our Farm Stays and Tours page for more information.