2019 Newfoundland Pyrenees Litters - Sire and Dam Gallery

Our purebred Newfoundland, Pilot, sired 2 litters this year. He is 5 years old and weighs approx 140 lbs. He is a well behaved, beautiful boy, healthy, loves car rides and chasing bunnies. He has sired over 12 litters in his lifetime.

Byron is our other purebred Newfoundland Sire. He is just turning 2 years old and weighs approx 165 lbs. Byron is a big lover, not a fighter! Has blended right in to the farm life and enjoys checking sheep with us. His 2 litters this year are his first.

Our 4 Pyrenees LGD females all decided this spring was the time for puppies. Our 2 older girls, Tira and Tanner, are 3 years old. They weigh approx 110 lbs and 120 lbs resp. Great workers, healthy, strong with beautiful pyrenees temperaments. They are full time workers with breaks only to have puppies. Great moms who have both sired 3 litters each.

Our 2 younger girls, Izzy and Iris, are both almost 1.5 yrs old. Izzy is our big girl at approx 130 lbs, Iris runs about 110 lbs. They have both been with sheep their entire lives and are definitely our die-hard LGDs, even this young in life. They are adjusting to the more confining life of motherhood, are are doing a great job with their puppies. 2019 litters are both their first ever.

*** A note on our working Pyrenees dams: We paint our LGDs if they are going to be with grazing sheep on neighboring properties, or if we have heavy coyote pressure in the area. If you see blue, green or orange on our dogs, be assured this is just us trying to keep them safe and be responsible LGD owners. Our Pyrenees are pre-dominately white, some with small dark grey and tan patches.

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