Fort Causeway Farm

August 2017 Puppies

Thanks to everyone for their patience. Our first 2017 litter has arrived! Puppies were born on July 6, 2017. We had (no joke) 7 females, no males. Group and individual pictures are below. Pictures of the sire, Pilot, and dam, Tanner, are at the bottom of the page.

Puppies will be $800 each. We are currently taking $100 deposits, which will apply to the balance, to hold a puppy. We start letting them go no earlier than 8 weeks of age, so these puppies will be ready at the earliest on August 31, 2017. We can make arrangements to keep them longer if necessary.

Please feel free to contact us with questions, to schedule a visit, to place a deposit or for info on future litters.

**There are 2 videos of pups at 5 weeks on our YouTube Channel. We will get new videos of pups at 6-7 weeks asap!

Individual Puppy Pictures - 6 Weeks! The puppies are 6 weeks old in these photos. They are really starting to show their personalities at this age. We also introduced them to shallow water in the pool this week. Even though Newfies are thought of as water dogs, it is recommended that they be in and around water at a young age if you want them to swim.

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Ally - SOLD - weight: 11.5 lbs. Ally is sold and is going to live in Colorado! Ally plays hard and then crashes hard! She has shown herself to be a quick learner. She was not too fond of the water, but did a lot better her second time in the pool.
Ally 1 Ally 2 Ally 3

Starry - SOLD - Weight: 10.6 lbs. Starry is now named Nikita. She won the award for best first time water dog! She approached the pool as she has done every new thing so far, very cool, collected and nonchalant.
Starry 1 Starry 2 Starry 3

Leela - SOLD - Weight: 11.3 lbs. Leela is sold and going to live in Montana! Leela was also very cool in the pool. On land, she has learned that if she sits down and -fairly- patiently waits, she gets the most attention in the puppy mob.
Leela 1 Leela 2 Leela 3

Electra - SOLD - Weight: 10.1 lbs. Electra is sold and is going to live in Colorado! Electra, true to form, was not quite sure about the water at first but decided within a minute that it was quite fun to play in. She was also one of the first to figure out how to get up on the blocks we put in so pups could have a water break if they wanted.
Electra 1 Electra 2 Electra 3

Maia - SOLD - Weight: 10.9 lbs. Maia is sold and going to live in Montana! Maia has such a regal look to her, but she is such a sweetheart. She was inside more this week and decided that she really liked that! She decided after a bit that the water was pretty fun.
Maia 1 Maia 2 Maia 3

Taya - SOLD - Weight: 10.1 lbs. Taya is now named Bama and going to live in Tennessee. She was not sure about the water at first. She tried it out no fuss, but figured out pretty quick how to get up on the blocks and liked it up there better. Still very sweet and pretty.
Taya 1 Taya 2 Taya 3

Merry - SOLD - Weight: 12.2 lbs. Merry is sold and going to live in Montana! She went through a growth spurt this week and is currently the biggest of the litter. She is another play hard, crash hard puppy. Still a lot of fun and she did like playing in the water after getting used to it.
Merry 1 Merry 2 Merry 3

Sire and Dam
Pilot - Sire

Tanner - Dam