Fort Causeway Pyrenees Newfoundland Puppies

We are very excited to announce our 2019 Litters! Links to each litter are below.

We love to talk with potential owners so please feel free to contact us with questions, to schedule a visit, to place a deposit or for info on future litters.

January 2019 Litter
Pilot (Newfoundland) and Tira (Pyrenees)
Availability: Sold Out

March 2019 Litter (1)
Pilot (Newfoundland) and Tanner (Pyrenees)
Availability: 1 Male, 2 Females
2 Females SOLD

March 2019 Litter (2)
Byron (Newfoundland) and Izzy (Pyrenees)
Availability: 4 Males, 3 Females

March 2019 Litter (3)
Byron (Newfoundland) and Iris (Pyrenees)
Availability: 4 Males, 4 Females

Sire and Dam Galleries
What will my puppy look like all grown up?