Fort Causeway Farm

December 2017 Pyrenees Newfoundland Puppies

Our second and final 2017 litter has arrived! Puppies were born on Oct 13, 2017. We have 6 females, 3 males. Pictures of the sire, Pilot, and dam, Tira, are at the bottom of the page.

Puppies will be $800 each. We are currently taking $100 deposits, which will apply to the balance, to hold a puppy. We start letting them go no earlier than 8 weeks of age, so these puppies will be ready at the earliest on December 8, 2017. We can make arrangements to keep them longer if necessary.

Please feel free to contact us with questions, to schedule a visit, to place a deposit or for info on future litters.

PLEASE NOTE! Shipping a puppy by cargo will NOT be possible for this litter. The airlines have temperature restrictions that prevent us from shipping when too hot or too cold. If you are not able to pick your puppy up from the farm, flying with your puppy is an option. Please see our shipping page for more information.

**11-27-2017 Update - Puppies are all sold.**

Video of Puppies - 7 wks old! - This and other videos are on our YouTube Channel.

Individual Puppy Pictures - Puppies are 7 weeks old! We left the 6 week pictures below. **New owners: If you have not contacted me yet about your pickup plans, please do so.**

Puppies were weighed on 12-4-2017. Please click on image to enlarge.


**SOLD** Minnie - Red Collar Weight: 12.5 lbs
Minnie is still the sweetheart of the litter. She is quite smart and doesn't miss much. She has very pretty markings with a cute face.
Red Collar Puppy 1 Red Collar Puppy 2 Red Collar Puppy 3

**SOLD** Anne - Green Collar Weight: 14.1 lbs
Anne continues to be very friendly and fun loving. She has white around one eye - very unique marking and very pretty when grown.
Green Collar Puppy 1 Green Collar Puppy 2 Green Collar Puppy 3

**SOLD** Alice - Yellow Collar Weight: 11.6 lbs
Alice is still spunky, friendly, fearless puppy. I don't think her tail ever stops wagging, except when she's asleep!
Yellow Collar Puppy 1 Yellow Collar Puppy 2 Yellow Collar Puppy 3

**SOLD** Myrtle - Purple Collar Weight: 15.1 lbs
Myrtle is still very laid back, still a sweetie and getting pretty large. She is mostly white with black on her face and a bit above her tail. She inherited the Pyrenees double dewclaws on her hind legs.
Purple Collar Puppy 1 Purple Collar Puppy 2 Purple Collar Puppy 3

**SOLD** Celeste - Light Blue Collar Weight: 14.5 lbs
Celeste seems to have it all. Very pretty girl, nice size, likes to be held and played with and doesn't mind mixing it up with her bigger littermates. She inherited the Pyrenees double dewclaws on her hind legs as well.
Light Blue Collar Puppy 1 Light Blue Collar Puppy 2 Light Blue Collar Puppy 3

**SOLD** Marge - Grey Collar Weight: 17 lbs
Marge is huge, probably the biggest we've ever had at this age. She likes people, likes to play but also doesn't mind hanging out by herself. Very nice markings.
Grey Collar Puppy 1 Grey Collar Puppy 2 Grey Collar Puppy 3


**SOLD** Casper - Blue Collar Weight: 14 lbs
Casper has come into his own. If there is a party, he wants to be there. Very friendly, playful guy. He has a nice mix of black and white markings, cute face.
Blue Collar Puppy 1 Blue Collar Puppy 2 Blue Collar Puppy 3

**SOLD** Marley - Black Collar Weight: 16 lbs
Marley is quickly catching up to Marge in size. He will likely be a big, fun boy. Very friendly. He is mostly white like Myrtle with a black spot right above his tail.
Black Collar Puppy 1 Black Collar Puppy 2 Black Collar Puppy 3

**SOLD** Sir Simon - Orange Collar Weight: 14 lbs
Sir Simon continues to be a friendly, people loving pup. Not scared of new things, very smart boy. Has a very sweet face.
Orange Collar Puppy 1 Orange Collar Puppy 2 Orange Collar Puppy 3

Sire and Dam
Pilot - Sire

Tira - Dam
Tira is usually out the farthest with our sheep. We don't have as many close ups of her but will work on getting more.