Fall 2019 Litter - Yellow Collar (Female) - Ginger

Ginger is probably the most Newfie like of this litter. She is the largest so far and has a beautiful Newfie face. Her personality is a great blend of fun, friendly and mellow. Her nickname here has been "mellow-yellow" and she enjoys being inside or outside - wherever her people are! Often, the largest of the litter likes to throw their weight around a bit, but not Ginger. She is a sweet, gentle giant already and we are excited to see how her temperament develops over the next few weeks!

Ginger has a very loving and forgiving attitude. She loves to follow people and be where they are. Ginger did not mind being startled and came to investigate, showing true puppy curiousity. Ginger even showed a bit of interest in chasing a ball. She is the gentle giant of the litter and is growing up to look like her dad! She already has the big newfie face and ears, and we have a hard time getting a good picture of her beautiful, dark eyes.

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