Fall 2019 Litter - Yellow Collar (Female) - Ginger

Ginger is probably the most Newfie looking of this litter. She is the largest so far and has a beautiful Newfie face. While she looks like a Newfie, she acts more like a Pyrenees. She likes to patrol the puppy pen fence line and is very alert whenever Mom is barking at something. She enjoys being outside and does not mind finding her own thing to do. Ginger is also very friendly and fun to play with. She is a true gentle giant already and does not throw her weight around - too much!

Ginger has a very loving and forgiving attitude. Ginger did not mind being startled and came to investigate, showing true puppy curiousity. Ginger even showed a bit of interest in chasing a ball. She already has the big newfie face and ears, and we have a hard time getting a good picture of her deep set Newfie eyes.

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