Fall 2019 Litter - Orange Collar (Female) - Copper

Copper is the star of the litter. A true beauty both in looks and in temperament. Copper is one of the larger females. She has a very intelligent look to her eyes and does not miss much of what is going on around her. But, true to her Newfie side, remains playful, loving and friendly.

Copper showed a very loving and forgiving temperament and recovered quickly from being startled. In true, stoic Pyrenees style, she did not even mind being startled that much. Copper would rather play tug of war, or sit on your lap, than fetch and chase. While still being friendly, she does have an independent side. She will make an awesome dog, but will need extra care in training during her early years. She is very alert and intelligent, and looks you right in the eye!

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