Fort Causeway Farm

Sheepskins Made From Premium Hair Sheep Hides

Fort Causeway has long sought to create a market for the beautiful sheepskins made from the hair sheep hides. Our family has enjoyed these quality hides for years for their softness and warmth. We use them for bed covers and throws, both practical and decorative. Having these hides made also helps our goal of using as much of the animal as possible. A few words about the hides:

Below are skins we currently have available for sale. Each is different in size and color. These are quality, handfinished skins and no two are exactly alike. All the skins below are from winter hides which makes them thicker and warmer. We currently do not have online purchasing available. Please contact us with any questions or to purchase a sheepskin.

White Sheepskin with Brown Neck - Click on small image to enlarge.
Black and White Wooly
Black and White Diamond
Black and White
Red and White