Fort Causeway Farm

Great Pyrenees and Newfoundland Landseer Cross

One of the reasons we like the Pyrenees Newfie cross is the Newfie typically helps ground the pyrenees side of the dog, keeping your pup closer to home. The big difference between the newfie and pyrenees is their desire to be around people. While Pyrenees like their people, they are just fine without them too. The Newfie, though intelligent and somewhat independent, definitely desires to be around their family, especially any children. Both can be protective, but if trained properly, not at all vicious. The pyrenees of the home, land and people, the newfie of the family, again especially the kids. Both breeds are of course very large and this must be taken into consideration when buying a puppy. Your puppy will not be puppy size for more than a couple of months.

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