Fort Causeway Farm

Our Farm Program


  • No chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides.
  • Excellent buffers between neighboring farms.
  • Control of wind erosion.
  • Managed soil fertility program with grazing and manure benefits.
  • Mowing, manual weeding and managed grazing to control weeds.

Water and Water Use

  • Irrigation Canal fed from the high flow of the Shoshone River which comes out of Yellowstone National Park.
  • Year round spring water on the property.
  • Farm irrigation is specific to our farm, not shared.

Animal Feed

  • Feed is either grown on our farm or purchased locally.
  • Feed is never genetically modified.

Inputs We Use

  • Preventative measures used whenever possible.
  • No anitbiotics or hormones are allowed or used.
  • Hair sheep are naturally resistent to parasites and conventional wormers are rarely needed.

Animal Husbandry

  • Adequate shelter is provided at all times.
  • Heated barn for lambing and treatment
  • Sheep have access to pastures from shelter areas.
  • Year round access to pastures, fresh air and sunlight.
  • Non-invasive animal handling protocols and equipment.
  • No tail docking.

Record Keeping and Identification

  • Sick animals are treated, tagged and removed from the organic program.
  • Careful records kept from birthing through life of animal.

Predator Protection

  • Livestock Guard Dogs used for predator protection.
  • Fencing and cross fencing for increased protection from the outside.

Transport and Processing

  • Our lambs are born, raised and finished on the same farm for their entire lives.
  • Transport in a climate controlled trailer when necessary.
  • Humane, organic processor used within 2 hours to reduce transport stress.
Additional Animal Welfare Guarantee
Our farm is offering a fresh, sought-after alternative to conventionally raised lamb. We are integrally involved with other producers to quantify an animal welfare program for lamb production. We want to assure our customers that animal welfare plays a part in all decisions made on our farm. We want the best for our sheep and believe that a healthy, low stress environment helps them enjoy their life and creates a better end product. We welcome customers, or third party persons, for farm tours and reviews.