Fort Causeway Farm

If you have additional questions that you have not found the answer for here, please contact us. We will be happy to assist you!

We will also be adding more common questions to this page as we get them. Please check back again.

What type of sheep do you raise?

We predominantly raise hair sheep of the Dorper and Katahdin breeds. Hair sheep shed their hair in warm weather eliminating the need for shearing. They are raised for meat. They adapt easily to different climates, are naturally parasite resistant, and known for their ease of lambing.

I've heard grass fed or finished products are tough. Why should we trust your product is as advertised?

Grass, or in our case forage, fed and finished products do tend to be very lean. There are considerations to be made when preparing the food. We have found that most experiences with tough grass finished meat is due either to incorrect preparation of the meat or to the actual diet of the grass finished animal. Our products have consistently been low in fat but still marbled and very delicious when prepared with care. Tips for cooking the meat can be downloaded in a flyer here.

Will you grain finish an animal specifically for us?

We prefer not to grain finish if that is what you have decided on purchasing. There are many outfits where you can get grain finished product, and we would rather not try to compete. The only clean grain we can source at reasonable pricing locally to date is barley, which shows part of the reason we have developed the barley grass fodder feeding solution.

Where do you purchase your barley and hay?

We source local product from organic farms whenever possible.

Do you ever raise beef or other meats?

We currently have decided to focus only on lamb, though we have had much luck with forage fed pork in the past. Below are links to other producers that we would recommend for natural or grass finished product: