Fort Causeway

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Upcoming Events

  • Merry Christmas to All!
  • Nourishing the Basin is a new local food group dedicated to spreading the word about local food in the Big Horn Basin. Check what the website has to offer, or find the Facebook group for up-to-date information.
Fort Causeway Farm
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PUPPIES are all SOLD! Click here for pictures and info about how we raise our LGD pups.

Fort Causeway Grass Finished PLUS! Products

Pork - Pigs like pasture too. Grass Finished Pork, the other marbled red meat!

Lamb - Grass finished lambs on pasture. Give your family a treat tonight!

Poultry - Grass-finished poultry meat still available.

Come Stay With Us at Fort Causeway

Farming, Family, Fun! Come stay and play by the fantastic Bighorn Mountain range in the high desert of Wyoming. We open our farm to visitors and invite you to be a part of our adventure.

See our Lodging page for more details.